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Please read these Terms and Conditions before booking a service with me.

By paying for a service on this website (www.astrologyexcellence.com), you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated on this page (www.astrologyexcellence.com/terms)

Consultations are always fully confidential.

Consultations given by me (Tariq Sultan / astrologyexcellence.com) are based on my own individual knowledge and my own interpretation of your birth chart, using my chosen techniques. My opinion of your birth chart and predictions that I give you will most likely be different than that of other Astrologers. 

I (Tariq Sultan / astrologyexcellence.com) will not be liable for any legal claims. You accept that predictions are made using Scientific Techniques which are not recognised by the law.

Refunds will only be given if you request one in advance of the scheduled session, or before any written document is sent to you.

Part of my service includes discussing both positive and negative aspects of your life. I cannot change your destiny as an Astrologer.

If you chargeback your payment/have your bank reverse the payment, or in any other way take money back after receiving my service, I may take legal action against you in the UK or your country of residence. I may also notify other Astrologers, Lawyers and Career Coaches of your chargeback, as these are my professions. 


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