Astrobiography: Your Soul’s Journey

“the soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the returns of configurations of a similar kind” – Johannes Kepler

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires do” – J.P Morgan

Embark on your soul’s journey with clarity, happiness and fulfilment with this exclusive Astrobiography.

Purchasing this will improve all areas of your life massively. Your career trajectory would be enhanced, business profits would increase, and you would know where to focus your energies at all times. All question marks would be removed from your life once you start implementing things on the given dates. If you do end up purchasing, you are probably destined to reap the benefits.

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Your Personal Astrobiography will be approximately 150 pages and Includes:

  • Contents Page
  • Your Birth Chart
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Using Your Astrobiography
  • Your Personality
  • Planetary Placements
  • Planetary Time Periods (Overview)
  • Year-By-Year Analysis (Age 5 till year 2060)
  • Best/Worst Monthly Dates (Current year till 2060)
  • Milestone Years
  • Challenging Years
  • Recorded 90 Min Walkthrough
  • Follow-up 45 Min Call

Areas Covered: Personality / Career / Self / Identity / Overall Body / Income / Financial Status / Business / Possessions / Mind / Communication / Travels / Movement / Home / Whole Family / Property / Vehicles / Children / Creativity / Fame / Popularity / Recognition / Achievement / Promotion / Games / Hobbies / Investments / Health / Job / Opportunities / Routine / Court Cases / Disputes / Litigation / Weaknesses / Enemies / Crimes / Relationships / Marriage / Spouse / In-Laws / Partnerships / Contracts / Other People’s Money / Spouse’s Wealth / Inheritance / Loans / Grants / Debts / Taxes / Thefts / Frauds / Scams / Longevity / Sexuality / Foreign Countries / Higher Education / Religion / Spirituality / Friends / Network / Projects / Business Profits / Childhood / Adolescence / Adulthood / Retirement

  1. Contents Page – A list outlining the chapters in your Astrobiography with commencing page numbers.
  2. Your Birth Chart – The image of your horoscope. You can send a profile picture of yourself to be merged in the middle.
  3. Descriptions and Explanations – This section explains all relevant concepts and terminology in simple terms for the reader to understand. There will be an explanation of Modern Astrology, how it works, how it influences your life, destiny and psyche. There are some terms you will need to know when reading through your Astrobiography. A glossary will be provided here.
  4. Keywords – As the main body of the document will be expansive and incredibly detailed, this section provides keywords on Planets, Houses and Zodiac Signs for easy reference.
  5. Using Your Astrobiography – This chapter explains how to utilise your Astrobiography for tangible gains in different areas of your life, including Career, Business, Relationships, Family, Property, Vehicles, Hobbies, Natural Gifts, Talents and Overall Happiness.
  6. Your Personality – A complete description of your true personality, self-ego, emotions and thinking patterns in all areas of life.
  7. Planetary Placements – This chapter goes through the placements of your strong, weak and personal planets, explaining the possibilities and likely impacts during your lifetime.
  8. Planetary Time Periods (Overview) – There is a link between this chapter and the previous chapter in which Planetary Placements were analysed, as there are specific time periods when your stronger and weaker planets will have their respective impacts. Here, we discuss the movements of your stronger and weaker planets in your birth chart, things that have already happened in the past and what will unfold in the future. This will be more of an “overview” of phases in your life.
  9. Year-By-Year Analysis – As the previous chapter was more of an overview of your planetary time periods, this chapter will provide a granular analysis of every year from the past until the year 2060. This enables us to zero in on all the smaller and bigger events that happen during your lifetime.
  10. Best and Worst Monthly Dates – Imagine knowing the best times every month to start a new project, look for a new job, change something within your business, book a holiday, start an online dating profile, anything else, and when to avoid doing anything crucial? The most optimal dates and dates to avoid will be given to you for every month, starting in the month you purchase your Astrobiography, going all the way up to the year 2060. Dates given would also specify the relevant area of life for that date. Start implementing and just watch the changes happen.
  11. Milestone Years – Using a special technique, I will draw out all the milestone years in your life, and tell you exactly what kind of milestone it would be. An amazing way to plan ahead and direct your efforts.
  12. Challenging Years – Similar to Milestone Years, but this chapter will alert of you the most challenging years in your life and what kind of challenge it would be.
  13. Recorded 90 Min Walkthrough – I provide a 90 minute recording of me going through your Astrobiography to ensure your total understanding. This is useful for future reference.
  14. Follow-up Call – We will have a 45 minute follow-up session where you can ask any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Astrobiography?

It is a written account of your soul’s journey in this lifetime and your destiny from an astrological perspective, with the benefit of precise predictions and foresight.

Why is it priced higher than your other services?

Because of the amount of work that goes into it, and the everlasting value that you will gain from it, it deserves the price tag.

After purchasing, when will I receive it?

You would receive it within 3-4 weeks. If you opt for the express option, you’ll have your life-changing Astrobiography within 2 days.

What results can I expect from it?

In summary, you can expect gains in every area. Gains in career, higher business profits, more satisfaction in love life, better relationships and connections with other people in your life. In all of the areas included, you can expect more fulfilment.

Can I get this anywhere else?

Absolutely not. No other Astrologer offers any service like this. If they are, they have taken the idea from me, and even then the level of detail and accuracy would not be the same.

I’ve purchased! What happens now?

I will reach out to you on WhatsApp. There will be a purchase contract for you to sign. Once signed, I will begin working on your Astrobiography.


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