Written Reading + Call Package


Package deal giving the Written Horoscope and a 45 Minute Full Horoscope call.

Areas Covered:
(Specific years/timelines will be given in these areas)

  • Personality
  • Marriage / Spouse / Relationships
  • Family / Children
  • Money / Business / Partnerships
  • Other People’s Money / Inheritance
  • Properties / Vehicles
  • Health / Longevity / Surgeries
  • Accidents / Sudden Events
  • Religion / Spirituality
  • Foreign Countries / Travels
  • Career / Job / Workplace
  • Court Cases / Legal Issues / Disputes
  • Past / Present / Future
Written Reading + Call Package Form
  1. Personality: Sun indicates the Soul and Self-Ego of an individual. Moon indicates the Emotions, and Mercury indicates the Thinking Patterns. The zodiac signs that these planets are placed in will reveal your true inner being, your outlook on life and how you react to the world around you.
  2. Horoscope – Every person has a unique combination of stronger and weaker planets in their birth chart, which determine everything that happens in their life. Destiny is very much a real thing. The stronger planets in your birth chart would reveal your life’s focus, the areas you would do well in, and they would also influence other milestone events in your life such as marriages, children, promotions, incoming gains, foreign travels etc. The weaker planets in your birth chart would reveal the areas that you would face challenges in. This is the “What” part of the analysis.
  3. Past / Present / Future – Based off each stronger and weaker planet in your chart, we do a complete analysis of major events or timelines that have already occurred in the past. We bring it up to the recent years post 2020 and discuss what has been going on recently and where you are currently. We then discuss the upcoming/future planetary movements, seeing what will unfold in your future deep into the next decade. This is the “When” part of the analysis. 
  4. Questions – You will have plenty of time to ask any questions that you have if anything was unanswered. It is advised that you come up with a list of questions in advance, to maximise the full duration of the call.

Consultation Procedure

Every consultation is fully confidential. After completing the form below and making payment, you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange your consultation. 

Due to high demand, the current wait time for a reading is about 30 days. For people who want their answers within 24 hours, the express is option is available.


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