Business / Career Reading (45 Mins + Written Horoscope)


Want to start your own business? Have some business ideas but not sure if you should pursue them? Already doing business but times are tough? This service will give you all the details you need to shape your business future, maximise your profits and overcome those tough periods. We will also discuss any potential investments that you could make. 

Alternatively, if you’re not doing business we can focus wholly on career.

A full Written Horoscope will also be provided – this will give you more insight on your whole life. It helps business and career decisions when you know all your areas of strength, weakness, good times and bad times.


Areas Covered:

  • Types of Business
  • Scale of Wealth/Income
  • Partnership or Solo
  • Staff/Recruitment
  • Investments
  • Best Times to Launch
  • Best Times to Rebrand
  • Timing of Obstacles or Challenges
  • Good Times
  • Difficult Times
  • Losses
  • Career


Consultation Procedure

Every consultation is fully confidential. After completing the form and making payment, you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time for the consultation. Any information provided in the form is not stored and is solely for the purposes of creating your horoscope.

Due to high demand, the current wait time for a reading is 21 – 28 days. For people who want to skip the queue and have their answers within a day or less, the express option is available.



(+44) 780 251 4951

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